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A Performer of Kunqu Opera - Shen Fengying

Shen Fengying,Kunqu Opera,Chinese Opera

Shen Fengying, A famous Kunqu opera actress, one of the Five Young Excellent Opera Actress, MFA of Shanghai Theatre Academy China, the winner of the 23rd Mei Hua Award—NO.1 award of the Chinese theatre.

A Performer of Kunqu Opera - Shen Fengying

Shen was under the tutelage of several reputed Kunqu Opera artist such as Zhang Jiqing, Hua Wenqi, and Wang Fang consecutively.


With pretty appearance and delicate acting in the opera, she has been successful in acting leading actress of several plays, Du shiniang, the leading actress in The Peony Pavilion, Chen Miaochang of The Jade Hairpin, and Cui Yingying of West Chamber.

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