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Peking Opera - The Marriage of the Number One Scholar

Presenter: China National Peking Opera Company

Venue: Theatre

Dates: Feb. 08, 2011 19:30

Price: VIP 480 400 320 200 120 RMB

Programme Introduction

China National Peking Opera Company

Founded in January 1955, China National Peking Opera Company (CNPOC) is a national ensemble of performing arts that is directly affiliated with the Ministry of Culture of PRC. The first director of CNPOC was the great Peking Opera artist Mei Lanfang. The current director is Wu Jiang, a dramatist. There are following departments in the company: Troupe I, Troupe II, Troupe III, Zhang Huoding Drama Studio and Stage Art Center.

Since its establishment, CNPOC has been continuously absorbing Peking Opera artists of different schools, famous dramatists, directors, composers and stage artists, and thereby formed an outstanding elite Peking Opera performing ensemble. Among all artists from CNPOC, performing artists including Li Shaochun, Yuan Shihai, Ye Shenglan and Du Jinfang, famous director A Jia, as well as famous dramatists Weng Ouhong and Fan Junhong, all enjoyed an international fame.

Over the last five decades, CNPOC inherited, created and staged more than 500 remarkable traditional and modern operas with various subjects and styles. It has established an artistic trait with a combination of inheritance, innovation and creation, as well as an artistic style with rich content, precise artistic forms, elegant stage art, various styles and remarkable performers. The masterpieces of CNPOC include Wild Pig Forest, The Three Sieges of Zhu Village, Divergence, The Legend of White Snake, Jiujiang River Mouth, Sun An's Memorial to the Throne, Xie Yaohuan, Mu Guiying Takes Command, Havoc in Heaven, Man Jiang Hong, Warriors of the Yang Clan, The Red Lantern, Battle on the Plain, Red Detachment of Women, Maid Chun Cao Makes Her Way Into the Hall, The Butterfly Lingers over the Flower, Nightmare at the Han Palace, Royal Envoy on Thin Horse, Sister Jiang, Princess Turandot, Lu River and Yi Mountain and Princess Wencheng. These are all internationally known and very popular among spectators.

Over 40 repertoires and 100 people from CNPOC have won various prizes through years' artistic creation as well as national and international performances. In recent years, CNPOC has been on the lists of winners for many important awards such as Wenhua Award, the Five-Representations Best Works Award, Gold Prize of the China Peking Opera Festival, Best National Stage Art Project, Mei Lanfang Gold Award and Plum Flower Award, etc.

Bearing the task of international cultural exchange, CNPOC has continuously sent Peking Opera troupes to places all over the world. These troupes have visited more than 50 countries and regions in five continents, winning good international fame. CNPOC has thereby contributed to cultural exchanges and establishment of friendship between China and the world.

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